Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getti´n drunk today :D

Been a long time since the last mayhem in Oslo, so today im going out with my colleagues from Mango!
The MangoCrew has a great tendency to gather and do some teambuilding when drunk more often than doing something sober.. so drunk it is :D

DONT DRINK AND DRIVE, I migth be in the road walking :D

Not me btw... :P

 Since I anyways have taken monday off, ill hope to get somewhere between theese two... :D
There will probably be some pictures in tomorrows post...

Starting the day off with a meeting at work, then I guess we end up at ISH club later. As far as I know thats the best SundayClub concept so far. If you know somewhere better, plz tell me :D 
Hope to see you there, and if I dont see you, its not because I dont want to talk to you, I might be drunk hehe

Wish you the best Sunday!

On a day like this, wear you lenses! :D