Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mallorca - Day at the Beach - Dinner at HardRock in Palma! Day 8

This was our last whole day here in Mallorca, Spain! 18/7 - 26/7-2012

Got up around 1:30pm and went straight to the beach - took the breakfast there. One big baguette with cheese and ham, jummy! :D ...some RedBull and water.
As I have mentioned before, I relly don´t like just lying on the beach, sweating a whole day. But today it was chill. 3 hours of sun, tanning and swimming! Loved it, so relaxing (even tho the beach was full of people) I fell a sleep for about 1 hour also, life is good! (and I love sleeping, hehe)

The beach view

Helene at the beach

Me in the shade of a palm... (on our way back, I don´t tan with my shoes on :D )

New flavour! RedBull ice and chocolate

Went back to the Hotel for about 2 hours to take a shower and change.. Managed to see the latest episode of Contunuum on my laptop also hehe :D

We took the buss from S.Arenal to Palma City (nr.15) we where going to Hard Rock Café to eat dinner there tonight on Helene´s request.. What I didn't know was that she had also planned a shopping tour... :D
Luckyly I found out just in time and saved us the shopping spree that was on the rise in Helene´s head hehe :D

Anyway, we ended up in Zara. Since I just brought with me a shorts and some socks on this trip I also found some new clothes there...

Bought a new shorts, a pique shirt and a t-shirt - So that became tonight´s outfit!


Then off to HardRock Café Palma, Mallorca!
We got there around and there was a waiting list!! About 40min she said.. So we went to the bar waiting it out with some Pina Colada´s.. Around 45min later I asked the girl in the reception how we where doing with the table. A\and OFC the one "signal thing" that we got didn't work so we had been waiting for a long time while our table already was ready :( hehe

Helene´s Strawberry drink

Helene´s Strawberry drink!

More drinks, Electric Ice Tea for me, nice blue one with gin and something.. and a strawberry drink for Helene
We had an argument on who was the most tan so far.. Looks like Helene won this round :D
Since we love to eat, we started off with a Jumbo Starter (lots of food) Potato skins, chicken wings, onion rings and spring rolls with dip.. MmmMMm...

Then a Chicken and Spareribs combo for me and a BIG hickory burger for Helene :D
When we left, the clock was 1am and we could be rolling home :D Lazy, tired and really ready for a good nights sleep.

Took a taxi from Palma Marina to our Hotel ( Ipanema Park Hotel ) 22,70Euro
Then we started packing, have to be out of the room before
Hopefully we don't have to much in our bags for the trip home.. must weigh it tomorrow..  10kg hand luggage each and 15kg in a extra bag...