Monday, August 26, 2013

Vine Video

Do you Vine?

I found this app some months ago and its fun.
Its a videoposting app where you can film up to 10sec or so, its not long but there are lots of creative people out there who make those few seconds count!


Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see."

 I have not made many videos myself, but its easy to do so with this app. You can check me out at the Vine app : plaxen84

Wish you all a great Monday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lick my eye

New trend in Japan... of those trends I really hope stays in Japan!

A fetish is spreading in Japan where you lick your friend´s eye.
I can not see how this is arousing or erotic, so what is the reason for licking someones eye
- its straight on eye VS tongue... ?!?!

Doctors have concluded the practice can spread viral conjunctivitis or "Pink Eye," so if its not the fact that its disgusting, then that might be a good reason to not do it.. It can injure the eye and reduce sight - again, don´t do it :D

 - By the way.. what do you tell your doctor when your eye starts to hurt..

"ehhm, you see this girl... she was licking me.. IN THE EYE... soOo..."
Dr.BeRollingHe´sEys... "are you serious? "

The practice, in which teens show affection by licking their partner’s eyeballs, may have started with a scene in a music video released last year from the Japanese band Born, which features a dramatic slow-motion scene of oculolinctus.

Think i´ll just stick to
holding hands and kissing, stuff that’s been around for millions of years...

Do you have a dog or planing to get one? How did you come up with the name?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

You know your evil when

You know you have done some evil when...

                         .... you start growing horns :D

A Chinese woman - Mum Zhang Ruifang (102) have a long horn growing from her forehead!!

The old woman explains that the horn does not hurt, and that she did not think 
about "it" before it started getting the shape of an horn.

Looks like someone has done more than just a deal with the Devil :D

The doctors still don´t know what to do with the horn or why she got it. 
They say that it is "made" from keratin, the same stuff that is in our nails and hair. 
From the looks of it, another horn is coming on the right side also...

Two more months and it´s Halloween!!! :D

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Attraktiv med hvite tenner / Attractiv with a white smile

Har du kritthvite tenner trenger du ikke lese videre.
Derimot om du drikker kaffe, te og liker et glass rødvin som de fleste av oss andre kan det være greit å lese videre..

Hvite tenner er blitt et signal på helse, skjønnhet og sunnhet.
Jeg skal ikke skryte på meg å være tannlege som anbefaller ditt og datt, men når jeg kommer over noe jeg selv har troen på syntes jeg det er verdt å dele litt kunskap.
Tror ikke jeg er alene om å mene at du rett å slett ser bedre ut om du har hvite tenner.

Men før vi snakker mer om hvite tenner, la oss heller se på hvordan det kan se ut om du ikke har hvite tenner.. Bilder er alltid gøy :)

Nå kan man jo også få satt på fasetter på tennene, fake tenner.. det koster en del, men det ser bra ut og fler og fler kjendiser velger dette alternativet. På den måten vil du alltid ha hvite og pene tenner. Men til en pris som fort koster deg nærmere en månedsløn for et par tenner :)

For å se selv, klikk på bilde under...

Kom over Dentway da jeg satt å søkte på dette, trygt, billig og ganske enkel måte å få hvite og pene tenner
allerede til neste bytur ;D
Koster mindre enn et par drinker gjør det og, vel, nesten iallefall. 495KR er ikke så langt unna.


For all my American readers, check this out!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DealExtreme - buy your gifts here this year

Shopping in China, from home! 

Have you ever looked at a item in the shelves at the store and taught 
"this is probably bought in China for 1/10 of the price I'm looking at" ???
The answer is: it probably is.. :)

I buy thing from China all the time, I buy is headphones, knives, cables, shoes, shirts, extras for my phone, adapters and a whole lot of other stuff I just buy because its dirt cheep :D 

Check out this price.. in a store at the mall these would cost about 23$ here: 3,02$ BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

There are pros and cons here as everywhere:

* Really, really cheep
* Usually good quality
* A lot more to choose from than in your local store
* Some fun trips to the post office
* You get to buy things not everyone else has
* Its fun doing business from home - in China.. :)

* You might get a low quality product
* It takes a few weeks to get the item you bought
You can also check out these 2$ items for a quick shopping test