Making a Blog?

Making a blog for fun and profits!

If your interested in making a blog I would consider using Blogger or Wordpress
These are the largest blogging platforms there is online today - and they are quite easy to use!

Start off with finding the DOMAIN and WEB HOST that it best for you! I would recommend either GoDaddy or BlueHost (These are the two I use on my sites)
But you can also check out .... if you want to look thru others as well, but these I don't know by experience..

The first month try to write at least 50 post to get some content on your page, this will drive more people to your blog and give your blog a higher google rating which again will make it more visible on the nett..

Links to pages that you REALLY should send a link to every time you post something on your blog.
These pages act like blog commercial.
You can suddenly get up to 300 views a day just by adding your link here: - Here you can add one link to your recent post and give it a title and add it in a group - This program lets you add as many links as you´d like and pings them to 25.000 sites - Much like,  the more the marry´er :D

You can also buy a book about blogging to learn more, like this!

Don't forget to upload your videos (if you video blog or have some videos on your blog) on YouTube and put your link in the description field! This will get people to go to your page after watching the video on YouTube...