Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mallorca - Palma City! Day 3

Yet another day in the sun! Woke up late again (didn´t sleep until tho) at almost

The  beach at El Arenal - Mallorca
 The plan was renting a scooter and go to Playa de Palma (another beach) and stay there whole day, but instead we went to Palma City! Really nice there, and way to much to shop... Ended up with a new hoodie, new shoes, and a new shorts. Helene bought new earrings, shorts, singlet, flip flops and new high heels ;)

New Nike! 60Euro
New Hoodie! 75Euro
Helene´s new high heels
Great day, except the bus ride... had to wear a t-shirt inside the warm buss, close to death by sweat :D
Took some nice pictures today and had a lot of fun!

We had another late breakfast at Noodle Bar in Palma, really good food there. White wine and beef/rice mix!
White wine!

Wine and beef/rice mix :D Really good! 10Euro
Home from Palma around 9pm, so changing and going for dinner somewhere.. Bought a white wine so we have the starter already :D

Remember: You don´t have to be a little girl to have a pink floater ;P Priceless :D