Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elli´s birthday bowling!

What a great day, slept loong until 3pm, then off to IKEA to buy a bookshelf that my girlfriend ment that we needed :D

Then at 7pm I went to my "old" colleagues birthday party! Bowling was cool, event though i felt it had been some time since last time i played... 

But! This time the walls, roof and scoreboards where just as whole when we left as when we  got there, this does not happen every time :D Without mentioning any names here, we all know who it is... hehe

Any how, fun birthday party and it looked like Elli had a good time, which was most important!
I think we where around 15 persons celebrating her to day!

Since I had to go working at ÅpenBar at 11pm I had to go early.. (10:30pm) to get to work in time, but I still got some fun pictures for you guys :D

 Elli and her giant gift hehe :D
 That's an Instagram :D Strike a pose!
 The winner takes it all :D
 Great balls of fire.. (or something like that....)

 NO! Your not getting bald :D
 Tran kicking ass!
 Me, in a new position :D
 Me, happy :D
 Hio going for the win!
 Weee :)

 Prepair yourself, helmets, hide and let Line do her thaaang! The person with we wont mention the name.. 
is guilty of plenty bowling damage :D :P
 The ones that can stand where most don't :P
Head in the balls?!

There was a lot of nice people at Åpen Bar tonight! And at the place was almost full and the music was pumping! Great night out! Looking forward to next weekend!


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A healthy shake !

Today I started my morning with a good, healthy, and easy to make Shake !

Kickstart you morning or workout with a healthy breakfast / brunch Shake :D

What you need is: (I'm guessing you have a blender )

2 kiwi´s
1 banana
2 tablespoons of natural Yogurt
about a DL of milk
1 whole egg
You can also add strawberry's frozen if you like it slushy :)

 Use a knife to peal of the skin of the Kiwi
 Cut a banana
 Add some yogurt
 Like this! Your on your way now to a healthy and easy to make snack!
 Add 1 egg ( calories and protein for your most important meal of the day )

 Remember to put the Blender -lid 100% on so you don´t get covered in it :D
 Then Blender !!! :D
Then you will hopefully have something looking like this!
Just pour it over in a easy to drink container and have a good morning! :D

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This healthy breakfast will give you a great start of the day. Enjoy my good, healthy, and easy to make Shake! Your first step to how to be healthy

I recommend looking at: Fat people

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fat people! Complaints and reasons why...





This is actually a serious problem now a days! 

And have been for a long time!

This late years more people have been 

more focused on living healthy, eating better, 

smarter and keeping their body in shape. 

This is a good trend!!!

But there is also the people who eats without thinking, just goes for whats tastes good at the moment and later on complaints when they find out that they suddenly have gone obese... and are at the point of no return..

I think one of the problems people might be having is that we feel that eating right is hard!

How do I eat the right food and what does all the calories mean.???

I'm not an expert on this subject so I wont go any deeper on that, but mostly what I do is:
I try to eat fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. 
 If you go to a gym and do some exercises twice a week your on the right track to get a mean body :D 

Fit and healthy!
I recommend looking at my really good recipe on a Healthy KiwiShake

Why I made this post now is because the media here in Norway just brought it up, 
a discussion between two very different people... Read on.. :D

We have a "spokes person" for diets, healthy living and training here in Norway and her name is Kari Jaquesson.
We also apparently have a "National Association for obese people" !
The Leader for this association a 23 year old really fat guy called Jørgen Foss. Who just now got a operation because of hes "sickness" 

Is it right that the tax payers should pay for operations for people who put them self's 
in a situation where they get so fat that they can not live a normal life? 

Anyways, Kari Jaquesson says that Jørgen Foss blames everyone but himself for his extreme obesity. 
It this what many "fat" people do?
The reason why Kari Jaquesson said this in the media was as a response to Jørgen Foss argument earlier this year on how stupid the dietary advices from the health authorities was.
Kari also makes a similarity to being obese and having a drug / alcohol problem. Witch I think is right, if you miss use food then you have the (same) problems as a person miss using drugs might have. 
Your body will get weaker and your brain will not be at its peak!

Eat right, work out and have a great life!!! Wish you a perfect day!

The Healthiest People in the World

Source: Best Public Health Schools

Doggy shower every Sunday...

Since I struggle with dog allergies I have whole my life wanted a dog without being able to get one. Witch have been sad! Even when little me and my sister had a doggy account where we put in some of our money ( hard earned by vacuuming and doing small things around the house :D )
Then when finally the money was there, we got to the doctor to check out if we had any allergies.. I did, so no dog for us :( 

But, we did get a really cool cat!!! Witch lived a good life until he passed away 18years old. 

But now, 3months ago my girlfriend found a breed that was supposed to be allergy friendly.
A MiniDoodle! 
So we went up to the breeder 2 hours away in Nord Odalen.I did not get a strong allergy there even tho she had 6 dogs and 5 puppy´s SO we decided to take the long drive back there the day after so test it again! It worked like a charm and 4 hours later we brought a 8 weeks old really sweet puppy with us home!
And we have had so much fun with him (Sketch) that we have decided to have one more, but this time we found a hypoallergenic dog witch is a "little" bigger.. A Giant Schnauzer! I see it as a challenge and I'm ready to get all inn to teach my dogs to be the best dogs around :D 

But the post is called Doggy Shower.. So here is some pictures of Sketch taking a bath! In the beginning it was a little dangerous I think, water, sounds and the hair blower.. But now hes acting great! Sits still, yawns and seams like he likes the warm water and the rubbing he gets. He gets a shower every Sunday to keep him clean and keep my allergy at bay. Not that hes a problem for me with the allergy,m but we have been very active socializing him with other dogs, and the hairs and skin from them sticks in he´s fur :D

 Starting off with trimming the nails and the hairs under the paws so he wont slide around like Bambi on our floor :)
 Then he gets the shower on minimum flow and getting soaped in
 watch the eyes... we don´t want any soap there
 Rinse off all the soap
 Then start by putting him in a towel to keep him warm and dry again.
 Easier to do this while standing on a table, nowhere to go, nowhere to hide :D
 My girlfriend Helene makes sure he get dry
 Then finish off the drying with the hair blower, so he gets warm and fluffy :D

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