Tuesday, July 31, 2012

80/20 Principle is Really Effective!

Every day consists with millions of choices!

Should I buy the green one or the yellow one?
Maybe I should take the day off or Should I go on a vacation this summer?
Should i take that deal, what are the consequences?
Does my friend really add anything to my life AND is he or she really my friend?

There has been made a "law" on this kind of speculations. Or actually, that's not true, there has been made a "law" for the problem solving process for this kind of "problems" and it has many names, but the most common is Pavlov´s Law or The 80/20 Principle

Look at the book here!
The thing is (in short) if you have a business that has let´s say 10 customers, but 20% of those 10 customers generate 80% of your business income, and gives you 80% less hustle. They are the 20% that don´t call you always wondering about some stupid thing they could have found out themselves and they are always on time with their payments.

While the other 80% are doing the opposite of the "dream customer", maybe YOU should FIRE your "problem customers" and probably loose 20% income, but gain 80% more time to do other things?!


I had a friend who always had problems (not the kind of problems you normally really need to help a friend with, but a lot of problems he himself made, and later needed your help getting out of...)

After helping him many times with money, work, bulletproof west and such for about 8 years... I started reading this book on...
How to start a company and how to Save Time while focusing on the right things - it became a Self Help book for me!

The book by the way is written by Tim Ferris and is called The 4 Hour Work Week
I warmly recommend it to all you you readers and to all of my personal friends! It´s that good!
The Christmas after I read the book, my closest friends got one each as a Christmas present from me, just to tell you how much I liked it.. All inn all i bought 4 books :D

And after reading the part about the 80/20 principle I started thinking about this more and started reading more about it online. It occurred to me - maybe this also works with friend´s? 
If you think about it, out of 100% of our friend´s you meet 20% the most. Those are the 20% of your friend´s that give´s 80% good memories and fun. (witch means 80% of your friends don´t..) Take care of the 20% !!!

Probably easy to understand I FIRED my friend and now I must admit, it was something that really lifted a burden of my shoulders! And now 1 year later I'm just as happy as I was the day after I did it!:D
I also did this with my job! The work made 80% of my day bad, and I had only 20% left for doing the things I really wanted to do! So I FIRED  my work and never looked back! Now the last 7months I have lived the life I have wanted, traveled with my girlfriend and friend´s to Thailand for 2 weeks, In The Philippines 2 weeks, and my most recent vacation was this summer to Majorca, in Spain! Now I work 3 day´s a week and earn the same as I did before working full time - Loving it!

My girlfriend and I
My girlfriend and I at Mega Park
Me taking a dive :P
Me in Palma Aquarium, Spain
Me at the beach

If your into traveling like I am, take a look at this link here! 

Planing a vacation with some friend´s now in august to Marmaris, Turkey! Hopefully getting more tan there :D

If your interested in looking at other books that I recommend, follow this link

  Wego Travel Search

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lumosity! Have you tried it?

About 1 year ago I came over the Brain Training Game Lumosity : Free Trial.!!!

It was a colleague of me while I worked at HP who talked very warm about it and recommended it to me, so I tried it - not so expensive I think either for a game that gives you something back in return for playing it..
I have used a lot of money on games that just steals time :D So Lumosity was actually much better!
Lumosity Brain Games have lot´s of different types of games - some are designed to give you better memory and therefore makes you remember things in the games while others are designed to make you react faster and so on..

I played this game in my lunch everyday for 3months and i actually could feel the difference!
My memory was better and I could concentrate more easy while doing my job on the computer, and at home reading books and so on.. So I will say that it worked for me!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Training - Loong walk to Gaupekollen with Fabio!

To day I was planing to take a quiet day at home, just relaxing - but no...
Was at the vet with my dog Sketch, only 4months so this was he´s second shot so far, but 1 year til next shot tho :D

Then Fabio called and asked if I was ready to take a walk - we´r both still working on the summer body 2012 :D
So a walk it was, was going to take the "Walk of shame" the easy route today, but while there we changed our mind and ended up taking the hard route instead. Its about 1 hour each way, and mostly straight up on the way up :D
Our walk today!

Finally on the top!
Sketch on the way up... Think he did really good, it was he´s longest walk so far! I carried him on the steepest tho, but still!

The view! You can see the whole of Oslo from here :D

Sketch on the top!

Sketch and I on the top of Gaupekollen!

With the driving and the walk we used around 2.5 hours - "Have you seen the new SpiderMan movie?" "No, me neither!" "Let´s see it today!" So ended up seeing SpiderMan on Colosseum Cinema at 9.pm.The movie was really good, but think I would have felt better if I had not seen the original before. Felt like seeing the same movie again, only with really big changes in the story.. But it was entertaining!

Take a walk, play a game, Improve your Brain! :D

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mallorca - Hotel Pool, Tanning, Packing and the Airport! Day 9

After waking up several times this night just to be sure that the alarm worked we got up at 11.45am - just so we had time to get dressed and get out of the room before 12.am to check out :D

The nice lady in the reception let us put all our luggage in a room so we didn´t have to carry it around all day. From there we went down to the beach promenade to take a light breakfast, buy some smoke for Helene
and take a morning drink!

Went back to the Hotel to cool off in the pool - lovely! Stayed there until we had to run to the Airport bus (nr.21on Balero 1) We just made it, on our way to the buss (it was about 10.min walk/run) we saw it on the station ready to leave - so we had to run - just made it!! Saved us 11Euro, instead of taking the taxi for 16Euro it cost us 5Euro :D
At the pool area in the Hotel Ipanema Park - our last swim!
When we finally found our flight on the board at the airport we went to check inn the luggage... and after first standing in the wrong line - the national instead of the international we had to get in line again... Then after finally getting in the right line and it was out tour the lady at the desk told us that we where 50.min early.. So once again we have to wait in a line... :D

The airport really sucks, looks old and there are only 1 shop there, and they had the most dry baguettes I´w seen on this trip.. so we went hungry instead :D

After delivering our luggage AGAIN, we got upstairs, Tax Free...

Helene found the Tax Free... hehe
 ...and a McDonald's (I know, uah.. I really hate this food, but is was cheap and fast...)

They had a great machine, order yourself and pay with card.. So we did this and everyone in the looong line didn't understand anything since we got our food just as we entered the pin code on the machine :D

Our way of ordering - then getting the food mega fast!!!

Their way of ordering, getting fast food REALLY slow!!
OFC our flight was delayed, but not much this time luckily. :D
And since RyanAir have cheap tickets they seam to feel its OK to have a staff that 100% missed the Smiling course it seams :D 

Bought a pack of straws, it was some longer than whats allowed on the plain in the hand luggage, so I can understand it was to long, but really! "This you have to throw or fold in your luggage, its to long" me: "its straws.. they take no space and I can have them next to me the whole trip" - her: "No!"

So after a 3 hour backbreaking flight (cant move the seat, remember....) we finally got our lugagge and found our car.
Had to go to pick up our dog - Sketch at Helene´s parents house.. Was a little afraid he would not remember us after 9 days.. But when we got there it only took some minutes before he understood who we where and then he was all over us like before :D

Helene´s parents had prepared some really good food for us since they knew we hadn't ate much because of the trip home - so we had pork with asparagus for "night dinner" jummy!

Really good being back after a vacation, even tho the vacation was good, its good to be home again!

But, could anything more go wrong now?! Nooo... YEAH, ofc!!
The power had turned off, so everything in the fridge was ruined, and some of the food even had big hairy clouds on it :(
So I got a trash bag and started throwing it all.. then I opened the freezer... It was soo much water / blood / fruit juice there. And all the meat was soft. But since it just had been frozen i put most off it in the fridge so we can eat it all this upcoming days... Planing on inviting some friends over for "emptying the freezer dinners" :D But something GOOD came out of it also, I got to clean the freezer and the fridge - and if this would not have happened, I probably never would! So GREAT!! :D hehe

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and my blog on our vacation!  Took some time writing it all and fixing everything with the pictures and soo on, but I feel it came out OK :)