Monday, July 30, 2012

Lumosity! Have you tried it?

About 1 year ago I came over the Brain Training Game Lumosity : Free Trial.!!!

It was a colleague of me while I worked at HP who talked very warm about it and recommended it to me, so I tried it - not so expensive I think either for a game that gives you something back in return for playing it..
I have used a lot of money on games that just steals time :D So Lumosity was actually much better!
Lumosity Brain Games have lot´s of different types of games - some are designed to give you better memory and therefore makes you remember things in the games while others are designed to make you react faster and so on..

I played this game in my lunch everyday for 3months and i actually could feel the difference!
My memory was better and I could concentrate more easy while doing my job on the computer, and at home reading books and so on.. So I will say that it worked for me!

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