Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sundays report....

Sunday was fun!
I really hate football and don't see any reason to watch it at all.. But since I know so many of you find that reason, I found out I could join for some drinks. When you star drinking, its always more than 1...

 So we, (parts of the MangoCrew) went out watching the game and started drinking. Before we knew we where drinking at Charlies place and I had been home picking up some Vodka.. The night went good!

Raoul, me and Andrei
 From Charlies, we tested out a new nightclub, for me at least.. Bar Vulkan. When we got there the place was already quite full, lots of people in the bar and cue. Luckily some others colleagues of mine from the Security Company was out there as well, so we had a table and got started.
Not much nice to look at that night, but for me, I don't care. Out with friends, drinking for once and have my beautiful girlfriend waiting at home! :D



 Me, Danar and Shaggy

Lights out! :D