Monday, April 1, 2013

7RED Casino

I have friends that live off the Internet only by playing Poker!

I don't understand how, but it seams to work out fin for them - some even get invited to other countries just to play a tournament! That's cool!
I would actually love to get invited to LasVegas to play a game or anywhere else for that matter, being invited somewhere to play, that's awesome no matter what country you go to for free...
Me, i have never tried, I'm a little to afraid to loose !
As I have talked with some of t my friends they have recommended some places to go and test it out. One of these places was, so I'm thinking of giving it a shot! What do you think?

Do you play at ?
Good or bad, send me a comment below :)

If your like me, just want to test it, check out the link on the picture...
(the link is Norwegian, but you can get to the american page there to..)

What 2000 calories looks like

A little wow! 

Do you know your calories?
For most people this is a fun watch, and for some this can be of some help counting their meals :)

A friend sent it to me so I wanted to share.. Short post - but shared :)

Just have to add one more to make sure you leave my blog super happy! Watch this!