Saturday, June 30, 2012

New family member!

Hi, sorry its been some time now since my last post, we have the last 6 days had a puppy moving in :)
On both good and bad, it means less computer time for me!

I have a really bad allergy against dogs, but my girlfriend have had dogs all her life and think its sucks that i could not have one. So thuesday last week sha was like "You know.. ths saturday you and me are going to look at some dogs.." im like, ok.. sure we can go LOOK at some dogs.. "
She had been searching the whole internet for dogs that are less allergic, and found one race that was as close as they get.

So saturdag, one week ago we took 1 hour drive of to look at these dogs in the middle for nowhere of Nord Odalen (totally new to me this place, and I have never seen it on the map. I know why now...)
When we got there we where met by a really nice woman that really liked dogs, she had no less than 11of them.. a big garden and lots of time to devote to all the puppys. We where there for around 3 hours, looking and playing with these dogs and most of all, testing my allergy. Surpriceingly enough, I had almost NO REACTION?! When we left, Helene told me, "Lets go back to morrow, if you don´t react to it then, lets buy one!"
So the next day we where off to this place again. The puppy we looked at the day before was newly showered and groomed so i could see if i got any kind of bad reaction, and then after another 3-4 hours sniffing the dog by its hairs i could not say no when Helene asked again..  So we ended up with a 9weeks old MiniDoodle :D

I have always wanted a dog, but becaouse of my allergy never could have had one. Its not the kind of dog i have wanted from before, the typical man dog, but its really cute - and it attracts the girls hehe :D (Sorry Helene ;) )

So after almost one week now the dog can - "run to the garden" - "run home" and learning to sit... really funny learning him stuff.

The name it Sketch
This is him now only 10weeks old :D

Monday, June 25, 2012

Do you need some inspiration?

I guess you are a great person anyway!
But everybody need a little reminder now and then...

Not everyday is the same, it will not be the same again as it have been and so on... And even if that can lead to both sorrow and happiness - Its still great! Ho boring would it not be if all days where alike?!

And when you feel that life is going downhill, there is only one way left to go.. and that´s up!

There are few people that can motivate like.. ***drum roll***
Anthony Robbins therefor ill leave you to him in the first video!

On motivation!

Sometimes it helps looking at people that have more problems in life than you have yourself.. people with handicaps, people who will surprise you doing something you never toughed they could do...

 Watch this.. it gives me goosebumps every time!

If he can do it, so can YOU!

Old video now, but just as good!

This speach from Al Pachino is awesome!

You´r the best you, no one can do it better!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moody? Watch this! :D

If your having a hard day, feeling moody or just tired... Ill help you!
I have gathered some funny clips I found on YouTube!

Have a great one!

Dave Chappelle:
This I found after not seeing it for many years. Dave Chappelle acting as a blind KKK leader,
not knowing he´s black

Just a fun clip putting music to somethink compleatly different..

Russell Peters:
Thats one funny Indian :D
Not eveybody can get away with what he does hehe...

Russell Peters on Indian accent :D

Chris Rock: On what he calls two kinds of black people :D

On gun controll

Have a GREAT day!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Did / do you remember Sunscreen?

There are so many advices out there, but when I first heard this song (In 8grade I think) *thinking back..*
...he says alot of smart things here :D
Live your life the way you want to live it, make memories and be nice... and don´t cut your hair to short, you´ll miss it when its gone :D hehe

Always remeber to wear SUNSCREEN!!! :D

Summer is around the corner, hoping for better weather.. and looking forward to go on a great vacation with my girlfrien in July... Getting tan, relaxing, drinking, taking pictures and have alot of fun!! ( hopefully and probably )

New haicut!

Finally got my hair cut again! And this time I'm happy with the result, thanks to Maria, my multi talent and colleague from Club Mango.What do you think? 

Got home from work at 04am.. should be sleeping about now, but to busy blogging and surfing the net...
damn you Internet addiction! :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today´s workout!

My day started at 1pm with Helene yelling she had made breakfast!
Great!!! Turkey, eggs, shake.. yum :D

Good workout with Helene today! Back and shoulders, but just for today we tried a new program... 

I have a picture of it below.
Light weights, many reps and only about 45.min.. so YOU say you don't have time for staying in shape?
Get to the gym, and if your at BareTrening CarlBerner.. ill c u there.. or become a member, and give them my name while registering ;)


Helene doing calf raises :)

¨Have a great weekend! Soon of to work, Club Mango at 23pm
Food :D chickenwings, chilli and cellmax.. oil and vitamins :D

Out shopping whith the girls...

Some of my great colleagues at Mango gave me a tip on buying really nice St.Martin's &
Friis Company purses to "nicepri
ce"After picking up Parisa in Oslo, we all whent to this showroom to go shopping... Parisa had already shopped there many times this week, but Helene found two new purses and a ring.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A music mix I have heard over and over lately...

I found this, liked it.. so ill share it :D
Wish you all a great start of the day! 

To Instagram, or not to Instagram

The new THiNG now is Instagram. OK, so you can make minor picture editing changes and post it.. Except for editing the pictures (witch you can do with 100 apps already) you can do this and much more on facebook... and Twitter?! I have just started using Instagram myself, but I really don´t see the point...
plaxen84 - instagram :D

But for you who LIKE Instagram, follow ME :D

#this and # that... :D
"Plaxen84" my Instagram...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make this your year of travel!

How about making this year the year you travel to all corners of the world. Living in 5star hotel´s and drinking umbrella drinks by the pool?

I have found a page that have the best deals on hotel´s, condos, and among the cheapest flights you can find!

When you pay for a hotel room, you normally don´t just get what everybody else is getting... On one of the trips they had earlier this year there was Police escort to a racing track to watch the race, good seats and much more.. Included!!!

Look at some of the offers they have now... Maybe it could be your next vacation?!

August 17 - August 20, 2012
This price is for members; Member Savings 42%

Online Poker?!

There has for a long time now been a rising trend among people wanting to play Poker from their homes,
Online Poker!

Some seams to manage to live of this and play for a salary.. but how many can do this? Both famous and B-celebrities flock around the tables when there is a competition where they can get exposure on some camera.. And ofc there are your average neighbours that do it simply because they really like it!

The Online Poker World have grown bigger the last years as well, of course!!

So, now we have BetSafe Poker that are among the big shots..

888Casino and many more...
 I'm not the betting kind of person, but I know a lot of you are :D

For those of you who REALLY like this game, "Good Luck"
and for the rest of you... :D

12 Android Apps you must have!

My TOP 12 apps to have for an Android device:

On the move and don´t have your laptop with you... but still having the urge to check for messages etc.. Great app!

I use this app / program  for making blog articles that I want to post on a later occation.. Remember passwords, Internet pages I want to remember and read later... ( you can copy the whole page ) or just remember things as you go, on vacation..?!

Gmail / Hotmail
Always good to be up to date with your mail, checking your mail  with these apps are simple!

Skype / Whats up  / Viber
Skype is the best FREE calling program I know of so far... it lets you call for free to anyone with the same program all over the world as long as they have internet.

The competition, Whats up lets you do the same and so do Viber. But I still think Skype is the most evolved of the 3.. Try them out and tell me what you think!

Whats up also have group chat and Push Notifications...
Viber uses your existing phonebook...


Easily lets you pay over the Internet with a secure account! This is a must have for Internet shopper´s

Not sure about something? Need a reference? or just interested in learning something new.. ?! Wikipedia got it all

This is a app I recently discovered... A FREE navigation app, which lets you interact  with other drivers.. You can set your mood, get live updates from other drivers in your area on the traffic, updated roads, updated cameras and if there is an accident and some other driver with this app reports it.. you ll know! 

This app gives you the "news feed" that YOU want to read.. may it be sports, art, crime etc.. Really good too for finding interesting articles as well...

If you like to make creative frames, put more than one picture in one frame and easy post it on Twitter, Facebook, Blog etc, then you ´ll like this as much as me :)

With IMDB you can get reviews for movies (that are and will come)
Its a people to people "forum" where everyone can write!

I don´t use this very much atm, but a very handy app / tool for when your not on the same computer all the time and still want to use the same files. On vacation etc...

If you have not tried Songify  you should...
This app lets you talk (record) a message or whatever.. and makes it into a song.. Not so handy, but fun!

Uhhea?! No breaks!!

Good thing we have something called EU control, that is mandatory every 2year. (testing and checking the car if everything works and so on...)
if not I would probably be in a ditch within weeks ... :D

Cars are not my thing, I drive it like a little angry boy and maintain it like a woman hehe

I fill gas when its empty, and oil once a year (maybe:D

My new friend Ahmed from my working place, Club Mango is really good with cars. He changed my breaks and fixed whatever had to be fixed and got my car through this year´s EU control all in all for a good price!

My right break was running on 0% breaks, metal vs metal... *skkviiikk* every time i used the breaks.. good it was not the gas that was #"%# since this is the pedal I use the most :D

Changed shock absorber on both sides in front last month...
And brand new tires was bought this winter, both summer and winter tires :D

Anyway... its really good to have the car up and running almost at a 100% now. Only thing that need´s to be done next is changing the whole exhaust pipe... but ill wait until next month with this.

And for problems to come.. nah, minor leak in the engine room. But not so big that its needs fixing I was told. So that's good news :D