Saturday, June 30, 2012

New family member!

Hi, sorry its been some time now since my last post, we have the last 6 days had a puppy moving in :)
On both good and bad, it means less computer time for me!

I have a really bad allergy against dogs, but my girlfriend have had dogs all her life and think its sucks that i could not have one. So thuesday last week sha was like "You know.. ths saturday you and me are going to look at some dogs.." im like, ok.. sure we can go LOOK at some dogs.. "
She had been searching the whole internet for dogs that are less allergic, and found one race that was as close as they get.

So saturdag, one week ago we took 1 hour drive of to look at these dogs in the middle for nowhere of Nord Odalen (totally new to me this place, and I have never seen it on the map. I know why now...)
When we got there we where met by a really nice woman that really liked dogs, she had no less than 11of them.. a big garden and lots of time to devote to all the puppys. We where there for around 3 hours, looking and playing with these dogs and most of all, testing my allergy. Surpriceingly enough, I had almost NO REACTION?! When we left, Helene told me, "Lets go back to morrow, if you don´t react to it then, lets buy one!"
So the next day we where off to this place again. The puppy we looked at the day before was newly showered and groomed so i could see if i got any kind of bad reaction, and then after another 3-4 hours sniffing the dog by its hairs i could not say no when Helene asked again..  So we ended up with a 9weeks old MiniDoodle :D

I have always wanted a dog, but becaouse of my allergy never could have had one. Its not the kind of dog i have wanted from before, the typical man dog, but its really cute - and it attracts the girls hehe :D (Sorry Helene ;) )

So after almost one week now the dog can - "run to the garden" - "run home" and learning to sit... really funny learning him stuff.

The name it Sketch
This is him now only 10weeks old :D