Tuesday, July 31, 2012

80/20 Principle is Really Effective!

Every day consists with millions of choices!

Should I buy the green one or the yellow one?
Maybe I should take the day off or Should I go on a vacation this summer?
Should i take that deal, what are the consequences?
Does my friend really add anything to my life AND is he or she really my friend?

There has been made a "law" on this kind of speculations. Or actually, that's not true, there has been made a "law" for the problem solving process for this kind of "problems" and it has many names, but the most common is Pavlov´s Law or The 80/20 Principle

Look at the book here!
The thing is (in short) if you have a business that has let´s say 10 customers, but 20% of those 10 customers generate 80% of your business income, and gives you 80% less hustle. They are the 20% that don´t call you always wondering about some stupid thing they could have found out themselves and they are always on time with their payments.

While the other 80% are doing the opposite of the "dream customer", maybe YOU should FIRE your "problem customers" and probably loose 20% income, but gain 80% more time to do other things?!


I had a friend who always had problems (not the kind of problems you normally really need to help a friend with, but a lot of problems he himself made, and later needed your help getting out of...)

After helping him many times with money, work, bulletproof west and such for about 8 years... I started reading this book on...
How to start a company and how to Save Time while focusing on the right things - it became a Self Help book for me!

The book by the way is written by Tim Ferris and is called The 4 Hour Work Week
I warmly recommend it to all you you readers and to all of my personal friends! It´s that good!
The Christmas after I read the book, my closest friends got one each as a Christmas present from me, just to tell you how much I liked it.. All inn all i bought 4 books :D

And after reading the part about the 80/20 principle I started thinking about this more and started reading more about it online. It occurred to me - maybe this also works with friend´s? 
If you think about it, out of 100% of our friend´s you meet 20% the most. Those are the 20% of your friend´s that give´s 80% good memories and fun. (witch means 80% of your friends don´t..) Take care of the 20% !!!

Probably easy to understand I FIRED my friend and now I must admit, it was something that really lifted a burden of my shoulders! And now 1 year later I'm just as happy as I was the day after I did it!:D
I also did this with my job! The work made 80% of my day bad, and I had only 20% left for doing the things I really wanted to do! So I FIRED  my work and never looked back! Now the last 7months I have lived the life I have wanted, traveled with my girlfriend and friend´s to Thailand for 2 weeks, In The Philippines 2 weeks, and my most recent vacation was this summer to Majorca, in Spain! Now I work 3 day´s a week and earn the same as I did before working full time - Loving it!

My girlfriend and I
My girlfriend and I at Mega Park
Me taking a dive :P
Me in Palma Aquarium, Spain
Me at the beach

If your into traveling like I am, take a look at this link here! 

Planing a vacation with some friend´s now in august to Marmaris, Turkey! Hopefully getting more tan there :D

If your interested in looking at other books that I recommend, follow this link

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