Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mallorca - The Aquarium! Day 6

Was up by 1:30 pm today and went to the Aquarium to see sharks!
Found a broker that sold us the tickets for 20.50Euro a person witch included a free bus ride on the way back :D Saved approx 10Euro there for the 2 of us... And took the 15buss to the Aquarium from S.Arenal. (around 15min)

Palma Aquarium - Helene :D
Most of all we where looking forward to see the Sharks, but they had lots of other fish there also.
We where there from 3.pm to 6.pm and got to see everything, eat (After eating a buffet for about 40min of feeding frenzy we went to the register to pay, on the way there i brought a piece of melon to go from the dessert desk. So when we got to the register the girl who worked there only charged us 1Euro for our dinner... She said 1Euro - I was like ??? huh, for it all? She, yes 1Euro please.-.. I'm like, OK :D Learn English, your Island lives of tourism :D cheap dinner!!! :P)  and take lots of pictures.

Diving with the fish :D

Stay on the line..

There might be Pirates in the area :P

A sea monster :D

Coral, thru a magnifier!

Underwater Disco?

Helene with the Tuna :D
Did you know the Bluefin Tuna will go extinct if the problems of overfishing continues??? 



Nice huh?!


Helene "The Turtle-whisperer" :D

I hatched :D

Who doesn't like turtles??? :P - Did you know a Tortoise can live up to at least 150 years?!
Helene and I by the waterfall...


Shark - The sharks upper jaw is not attached to the cranium, so when it attacks the upper jaw lets the shark take bigger bites!


Hey, look!! ^^

I'm fascinated!

Taking blog pictures :D

Helene is also fascinated!

Shark - Did you know that a shark goes thru up to 30.000 teeth in its lifetime?! It just grows new if one fall out!



Jellyfish. I got really fascinated by these, thinking maybe I could make a aquarium of those at home??!

STOP!!!! Video HERE!!! :D




KFC´ing while riding a double bicycle
We rented  a double bicycle (for 2 hours) at 9.pm and tought we had lots of time to ride around..
After going really far on a 1 hour ride we found a KFC and took the dinner to go! WHAT, only 45 min to get back before the bicycle shop closes, SHIT! :D

Helene drinking a banana drink

I had Banana split and a Carperinha :D

Off to bed for a early morning... Renting a car tomorrow to go see the rest of the island!