Friday, July 20, 2012

Mallorca - The Beach... day2

We woke up late, around 1:30pm. The sun was shining and the sky was all blue! So we went straight to the beach. Helene really likes it, I, not so much. The beach is nice for 30min or so, but lying there for a whole day is way to much for me. So we where there for 1hour before I went to buy new phonecards for our phones. (much cheaper keeping in contact while here) This took forever since my phone fucked up on the network and I had to go into all the phone stores I found to ask them, but still didn´t get Internet on it.. :(

New sunglasses :D

My girlfriend Helene!
Me :)
When back on the beach Helene had already got some tan so we where only there for 1more hour before we went to get some breakfast (around ) :D

Helene found some new earrings and so did I, and some new accessories

New earrings and necklace
New tribal earrings

Home at 1am, after eating dinner, kebab and belgian wafels.. still hungry :)
Watching a movie on the computer, everything on TV is dubbed to Spanish ... Why don´t people in Spain also learn English in school??? :D