Contact & Information

Per-André Christensen was born the great day of 27th of august 1984 in Oslo
and if you would like to contact him you can do so by sending him a e-mail:  

Or you can call me, if you know me!
Writing in third person...I know :D 

He is schooled in the art of
---> "Advertising and Brand Communication " 2006-2008
and in highschool he was studying both:
---> "Illustration, Design And Communication"2002-2003
---> "Media and communication" 2000-2002 + 2004-2005

For those of you looking at the numbers going.. "what the hell did he do in 2003-2004" He was in the 
Norwegian Army for one year of frostbites, shooting gun´s, coordinating grenades and running more than he have ever done and will ever again in he´s lifetime :D

He started hes career in the club business in 2002 at a popular nightclub called NEON in the finer part of Oslo, Norway. There he was being a Barback in the weekends for a couple of years.
In he´s time in the Norwegian Army he was able to take some courses the few days he was not training for battle in the woods of northern Norway... So that's where he took he´s course as a certified Doorman / Bouncer and 
he´s Security certification.

So it was a natural choice for him when the time came for him to leave the Army to start working as a 
Bouncer in the weekends while going to school.
He met a guy in a bar.. (sounds strange..) who was talking about opening a nightclub called Aquabar. So this was he´s ticket in to the Security work. Since then he has been doing this for soon 8years now, first next to school, then next to normal day work. 

In 2007 he lost he´s Mom to cancer after her and their family having battle´d with the disease for more than 7years. This put a great effect on the mood and he´s life..and grades :(
Luckily he also have a loving father and a great sister <3

But not only sad things happened in 2007 - He met a great girl! 

And it was not long before her toothbrush moved in..then the rest of her closet.. then there she was. 
A great girl indeed :D 

And they have been living together since then... ---> now ---> later ---> :D

He used 1 year to gather he´s toughs, to quit the day job to focus on living! Traveled and enjoy´d life more than he had been doing the last couple of years which has been nothing other than work! Been to both the Philippines and 2 times in Thailand, Majorca and Rhodes in one year!!! 

Then, as it usually is, someone comes in to your life with a helping hand. 
This person later become a friend and a colleague. A fellow bouncer told me he ran a business and was looking for a person to help running it. He´s a serious guy so I said that I would drop by for a followup. 2 days later I was starting in a new career, recruiting! It turned out to be a lot of fun! Things are going better both financially and personally - since those things usually goes hand in hand :)

I still work at a nightclub Fridays - Saturdays and use my spear time traveling, blogging, training, playing some computer and living life to the max!

Thank you for reading my story! Some parts was maybe to personal, but I'm happy to share both the good and the bad pars of my life with you (so let´s see where life is taking us)!

The best of Per-André is yet to come! :D