Friday, August 31, 2012

I forgot to tell you! I caught a burglar in action the other day! :D

One night just about a month ago...
I was just finished from work (I work night´s) so my colleague asked me if I wanted to eat something on my way home. So we stopped at he´s place and he dished up a really good breakfast with egg´s and everything. Sitting on the balcony in the 4th floor we looked down when there came 2 suspicious guys walking by. The time now was around 5:45am. They where talking about a balcony and some bikes, so we kept watching them for a little while...

And so, when they was sure nobody was looking, one of them climbed up on the balcony on the building next to my friends. Then he started checking all the door´s until he found one that was not locked, then he went in.. 
That´s when my friend asked the question I was waiting for... ;
"Should we take him?"
and I was like:
"Yeah, sure why not! "

I took the picture and then we ran down all the stairs in he´s building and snuck close to the other building before we ran out and tried to get them.

One, strange enough, the fat one got away :D
But the one who was still in the balcony had a problem escaping... so we caught him and after a short struggle got him on the ground and called the police. (witch I'm a little sorry we did since they where close to let him go afterwards...)

Then after some time and a lot of running up and down the streets to get the police cars to get to the right place they came... Not only one car, but 4 cars :D Dog´s and everything!!!

The young police officer climbed up on the balcony of the poor woman who had just been waked up by a guy standing in her living room. And inn he went... "Hello, anyone here!!??? "
Of course the woman was terrified and screamed, "Who are you, get out!"
First then, the man told her that he was police :D

And in fear the woman told the police that nobody had been inside her apartment...

When the policeman came down again he said "We might let the man go, since he has not yet committed a crime. The man has not been breaking in, since the door was already open, and the woman that lives there says the man was not inside her apartment either."

I was all the time thinking, (Why did we call the police, of course this would happen... Why did you not just make sure the guys finger´s broke so there would be some time until he could steal again.. )

Luckily an older policeman came and saw the situation for what it was and told us that they would take the burglar inn for attempting to break inn!

Hopefully we got some Karma Points this day! :D

Then we went back to our breakfast that was now cold, but still good. Had some laughs, then I went home happy and tired to sleep :D

Nobody else helped, even there where neighbours standing on their balcony´s.. What if it was YOU?!? :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking Bad - The new S5

This is really one of my favorite series at the moment!
It has it all, violence, drama, mind games, crime and friendship. Breaking Bad!
The way the story shifts focus on the characters, but at the same time stays on their path to
riches and prosperity is really cool.. 
Walt is a man that have been looked down on to long, and now he´s kicking back :D

He started out as a burnt out teacher who needed more cash to support he´s family after he´s death. Walt was prognosed with cancer and wanted to be able to support he´s kids thru collage and give them the best life he could give them even after he´s death.. He met a former student who was always getting into trubles and knew the "right" people to get Walts drug business going. From there the series has just gotten better! 

If your new to this series, I would advise you to see it!

In this fifth season(and I think last) of the series Breaking Bad Walt starts he´s own drug empire after the late Boss got killed.. by non other than Walt himself :D

I found them all on Amazon for you if your interested in looking into the series!

5                              4                             3                            2                            1

My birthday - part 2 :D

After waking up really late today.. around I got up and looked out the window.
As I was hoping.. It was clear blue sky and sun! Perfect, looks like I have been good this year :D

So I took Sketch (Our dog) out in the garden and sat there for about an hour before Helen got home, it was great! When Helene got home i got a BIG birthday kiss and a birthday gift! Its was really nice!  I got a belt, witch i needed since I don´t have many of those... Tiger Of Sweeden :D

Gift from Helene! A new belt form Tiger Of Sweeden!
After a shower I was ready to go. We had to take a quick drive up to Helene´s brother Hans with Sketch since we where going to dinner and he has not been alone that long before yet.

My real beauty - Helene :)
Really good spring rolls and crab cake! mMmmmMMmMMmmm...
Helene eating Crispy Duck - yummy!
Crispy Duck! Really good!

Just after the dinner, while still in the restaurant Helene gave me another birthday gift! I was stunned... What, another one?? Then I opened it, WOW! A really classy watch! Gant, with leather strap. WOW!!!

My new Gant watch!
New watch!
Mr.Bay chocolate

Outside Mr.Bay - looks nice huh?!
Art outside Mr.Bay

The night is coming so its about time to head home :)

I´m really happy with the way my birthday turned out! Had a great time and eat really good food :D
Looking forward to celebrate my day with friends next saturday!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The day is here.. im 28.. uah... :(

As the years go by, you get new friends, loose old friends, find a job you like, quit a job u eventually hate, get some experience and sometimes you see things different than you would before.. they call it growing up!
I´m just glad i´m a man, since they say we age good, (like wine) so I hope the rumor is true :D
But still, the years are flying and before I know it I'm turning 30 and the way I see it, then I'm getting on my way to getting old... and should have gotten my life straight before then.. so I have some time, but not much to work on my life and get all the foundations placed right.
But for this week, ill keep up the work on feeling like I´m 18 and just have fun :D

Since my birthday this year falls on a Monday - ill celebrate it with friends next Saturday. Really hoping a lot will show up and we will get happy and "tipsy" together :D

Going out at Bar Tjuvholmen this Saturday! Not been there before, but heard its really good :D
  This summer has treated me really great! 
The year started with a 1 month trip to both Philippines and Thailand where I was with my girlfriend and another couple + our friend Kenneth! It was a great start of the year. We even celebrated the new years eave in Thailand Pattaya, watching the fireworks from Beergarden hehe... amazing view and even more amazing PinaColada´s :D

Then this summer my girlfriend and I went to Spain, Mallorca for a week vacation. She really needed it after working a lot this year. And I´m always up for a vacation :) We had a blast in the sun!

Two weeks later I´m on a plane to Greece, Rhodos with friends - more sun, drinking and fun! Even tried water sports there, really fun hanging after a speedboat on just a plastic mat :D

And there are still 4 months left of the year!!! :D

...the thought about getting older is not that pleasant, but the thing about learning more is.. so this year ill hit the books and try to learn something new. And also trying to find a profession that I like, so far I´m schooled in design and marketing, but to work with it I feel I should get a fast wake up course first. Or just find something really different, like the police, salesman or what I really want to do.. making my own web-shop and live where ever and work whenever :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To day I watched The Expendables 2!

...and fell asleep at the cinema :D

After my vacation I have been so tired that I have slept almost 2 days straight... 
So, around 30min before the movie started at the cinema I figured out I wanted to do something, and a movie is always welcome :D

Up to "Symra" (the cinema closest to my house) I went, bought tickets and got in just when the commercials was finished and the movie started. I was alone and it felt good! Nobody talking and nobody was wrestling for the elbowleaners. GREAT start :D

The movie started off good, a little like the start of a Rambo movie. There is lots of action in this movie and cool effects. If you, as I like to see people get their heads splattered of their neck caused by a 12,5 bullet then this is a movie for you as well :D

a job well done!
all alone :D
And yeah, I fell asleep at the final scene, the big fighting scene.. must have been tired cuz I really like fighting scenes hehe :D 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Not feeling soo good.. pool and drinking.. :D Day.2

I woke up around with a stomack that clearly told me it was not used to drink 2 bottles of vodka in a night.. So I slept a little longer... Around my friend Fabio came in with a youghurt, that helped!

So we all went down to the pool to chill, eat and relax for some hours before the storm comes again and rippes us with it all the way to the BarStreet all over...

But first.. We all found out I had not packed and fancy shorts (I had only basketshorst and swimming shorts) to go out drinking with. So we took a taxi to Rhodos City to find a place to shop.. After a long walk and lots of windowshopping we found a store I had never heard of before, Pull&Bear. There i found two shorts.. Not my typical shorts, since I like them a little i wide and these where tight, luckyli they widend out later.. but they where cool and my friends convinced me that I would not look like a "Party Sweed" in them so i bought it.. :)

On our way to Rhodos City we had a taxi driver who "just had to get hes Ipad really far away but he would show us a GREAT view!"
This is the best picture we got from the view he bragged about... in speed and out of the window! Cuz he had no plans on stopping, just SHOWING us THE VIEW (getting hes shit at home and don´t getting us mad)

Then it was the same round all over as yesterday... BarStreet!!

Fire on the bar! Trick by Lalish :D
Fabio walking on the bar :D
The PLACE! :) Bar Tokyo

Tomorrow we´r planing on renting Scooters! That will be fun! :D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rhodos - Awake more than 24hours - then we go out drinking... Day.1

I forgot to introduce my fellow travelers to ya´ll... 

Fabio, The Bartender from Portugal/England/Narvik(Norway) and now Oslo!
Hes a winning person and i´m sure he will be a fun addition to our traveling group :D
Thomas is a person I have known for many years, without really knowing him good. He has been a colleague in the Door for many years so I know he´s a party person. Think he really will love Rhodos! 
We have been working together at Club Mango for about 6months now.
Christian, I don´t know him at all, but we have met twice before the trip and he seams like a happy, laidback guy who´s ready for a vacation in warmer areas!

Names as following in introduction
Well we landed safely, found our bus to the hotel and after 3.5 hours of waiting... we got our rooms. 
2 rooms with 2 beds in each and the rooms where next to each other and had a sea view!
The vacation started off a little bad when we got to the hotel and the rooms where not done yet, we had just been up more than 24 hours, working, traveling and wanted to find the bed... Instead we had to wait... but at least we got to see how the area around us looked like... The Hotel is built in the middle of nowhere... and when StarTur says its only 5min to the city.. they don´t mean Rhodos City... They meant Ixia... and that´s really not where anything happens...

Our radio in the hotel room...
We where lucky also.. cuz the cousin of the owner (Mike, the Greek Australian) started talking to us outside the Hotel and offers to drive us to a great restaurant to get something to eat. Antonios Taverna was the name of the place, and its recommended! We found out that Suvlaki is good, and so is anything with Zatziki on it :D
It really helped lighten the mood and filled our belly´s.
Before he drove off he told us that it would only be 5min walk back to the hotel... I don´t know what kind of shoes this man has because we used almost 30min to get back following the beach.

When we got back the rooms where ready and since we where kept waiting the staff gave us nice rooms with sea view! Great to wake up to by the way!

The pool - and the bar that was empty every night....
Then after a little pillow time we ringed for a taxi and went to explore Rhodos BarStreet for the first time.
We where all ready for a quiet night, just looking to see how the nightlife here really is and to see and hear where to go and what to do.
But this obviously didn´t go as planned... we met our friend and BarManager at Tokyo nightclub in the middle of the BarStreet, Rhodos! And before we knew we where all drinking shots, and gulped down 2 bottles of Vodka! Got to talk to a lot of people and for the first time in a long time, get really drunk - but not in the crawling around the pavement puking kind of drunk - just the happy dancing and "oh shit this country is hot" kinda drunk hehe :D

Christian, Fabio, Thomas and me :D
We ate some late night Gyros, found a taxi, got home around 7:30 in the morning ready for the bed...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Off to work, then straight to the Airport after - Rhodos!

My day started as a normal day, except I was packing for a vacation to Rhodos, Greece!
I´m usually a light packer but this time I packed a little more than usual. I´m guessing ill be glad later!
When on my trip to Thailand earlier I only packed a handbag with toothbrush and a couple of boxers for the first days.. The rest I bought there.. 

But i´m guessing Greece is not as cheap as Thailand. And after my vacation with my girlfriend to Mallorca i´m hoping to not shop anymore at all hehe...

So the suitcase is ready, 1 shirt, enough boxers for a week and some extra, t-shirts, swimming shorts, shorts, socks and sunscreen (20) :D

Then after kissing my girlfriend goodbye for a week I went off to my last shift at work before the vacation could begin. Was picked up at ÅpenBar at AkerBrygge by my traveling companions."Luckily" they took a beer at the place I worked at so I had to drive to the Airport after work, and don´t drink..  hehe :D

Waiting for the airplane to arrive now - looking forward to getting to Greece, eating Gyros, drinking, dancing, and having fun with friends :D

Yeah! - We also have a former colleague working as a Bar Manager in Rhodos, in the middle of BarStreet at a place called Tokyo. Will be fun seeing him again also! Lallish here we come :D

BTW.. the time is 1 hour early there so, ill probably be up late and sleep inn every day haha :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I just read a great book! original title: Domain - Norwegian title: Maya testamentet! by Steve Alten

I just finished reading the 462 pages book of exciting Mayan philosophy, old stories about the Stonehenge, about ancient creatures and a mix of "Star Wars like happenings". The book is called: Domainby Steve Alden or as the Norwegian title goes: Maya Testamentet .

The book is about the upcoming of the 21.December.2012 the doomsday according to the Mayan calendar and while the book is mostly SyFy, is still teaches you a lot about the old cultures of the Mayans, and makes you really wonder how they managed to do all the things they did....

Picture from:
These 3 pyramids are built so they match the Orions Belt on the sky, pretty accurate, and truly amazing precession by the old "Egyptians" that many years ago!
The pyramid is built so accurate that you could not get a knife blade between the rocks its built with...

Picture form
Did you know... that the Pyramid of Giza is dated back as long as 10.450 B.C years back. It´s built with 2.300.000 "rocks"  each weighting between 2,5-15tonn.. In the smallest of the 3 pyramids lies, in the middle a "rock" weighting 320tonn, NOW in 2012 we have only 3 cranes that can lift such a weight! How did they do it???
Our mason experts are still stunned on how they could build such a construction at that time.
We can still not build anything like it today!
No wonder some people believe in little green men... Actually, it seams we have more proof by looking back in time that there have been intelligent races on earth before us, than we have proof of a God!
Think about that!  :D 

As I said, after reading this book you will have some questions, and it will trigger your imagination and probably also make you, as me search some more on the topic online :D

Take a look at the book here on Amazon - a really good read and the summer is soon over so why not prepare for the cold and rainy Autumn with a good book :)