Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LOL as in League of Legends :D

League of Legends - LoL - FREE to PLAY

After playing Diablo 3 for a short while (didn´t like it much) I´ll continue playing League of Legends!
Its a fun and FREE game....

Its a game like "Dota" in the old WarCraft. You play one "Hero" and team up on the battlefield 5vs5 or 3vs3.
The Heroes have different attributes and skills, so you have to play it right.
on your way up the lv you earn "gold" or "RiotPoints" which you can use to buy better weapons, potions, trinkets and such.. 

If you liked Dota, Heroes of New Earth, you´ll like this!
League Of Legends is free to play, no monthly fee.. 
Just download it! :D

I´m lv 30 but not played for a while, but League Of Legends its absolutely
fun and takes your mind of things really fast :)
Upside, one game is max an hour so you get to to other things also, not getting stuck by the computer...

Join me if you will, Plaxen84 (playing on West)