Sunday, July 29, 2012

Training - Loong walk to Gaupekollen with Fabio!

To day I was planing to take a quiet day at home, just relaxing - but no...
Was at the vet with my dog Sketch, only 4months so this was he´s second shot so far, but 1 year til next shot tho :D

Then Fabio called and asked if I was ready to take a walk - we´r both still working on the summer body 2012 :D
So a walk it was, was going to take the "Walk of shame" the easy route today, but while there we changed our mind and ended up taking the hard route instead. Its about 1 hour each way, and mostly straight up on the way up :D
Our walk today!

Finally on the top!
Sketch on the way up... Think he did really good, it was he´s longest walk so far! I carried him on the steepest tho, but still!

The view! You can see the whole of Oslo from here :D

Sketch on the top!

Sketch and I on the top of Gaupekollen!

With the driving and the walk we used around 2.5 hours - "Have you seen the new SpiderMan movie?" "No, me neither!" "Let´s see it today!" So ended up seeing SpiderMan on Colosseum Cinema at movie was really good, but think I would have felt better if I had not seen the original before. Felt like seeing the same movie again, only with really big changes in the story.. But it was entertaining!

Take a walk, play a game, Improve your Brain! :D