Monday, July 23, 2012

Mallorca - Sleeping and looong walks... Day 5

Woke up late ( ) after having a tough night with Helene not feeling well..
Tried a new road from the Hotel today and ended up at a restaurant who served Paella.

Spanish Paella

Since we are in Spain we had to try it, but i pretty sure I will choose something else on the menu next time! :D Just lots of rice and 3-4scampi and some peaces of meat boiled in seawater (or so it tastes) ...

Took a really long walk along the beach road  and looked at some places we had not before. And walked on the beach on our way back barefooted :D
Good feeling walking on the beach with the waves keeping our feet wet and the sand rubs the skin.


When we finally got home we where both tired and took a siesta... ZzzZzz

Then dinner at sneaky us... ate at the hotel, but they didn't put it on the room number so it was all free :D The best things in life is free hehe, and what beats free food?? :D

Hotel dinner
After dinner we where both full and needed a walk. So we kinda walked quite far.. and ended up in a really big night club Mega Park. A big outdoor/indoor club with lots of people and lots of spirit in the drinks :D

Whole Mallorca is full of Germans, so ofc the place played best of.. German hits hehe

MegaPark Mallorca