Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mallorca - getting to know the place! Day 1

Our plain left for Mallorca at 06:50am so there was no reason to sleep any before the flight since we had to leave home around 3:30am to get there and still have some hours in "just in case time".
So we got there early and everything run smoothly. Ryan Air has OK prices, but their plains really suck!!! You can not put your seat back, and have almost no room for your legs.. so after sitting there for four hours, luckily high on Valium :D We got to Mallorca, found a cab and went to the hotel.
We where there around so we had to wait until to get a room. 
But they let us put our bags in the hotel so we went out to get some breakfast.

After a little walk we found a place where the had good pizza, for only 5euro.. some beer and drinks. Sitting outside in 30degrees, all was good!
But we had still not slept since yesterday so when we checked in at the hotel we where both beat,
So from – we where in dreamland.. I woke up to the sound of Macarena and Dragosta din tei... 
(Not much have changed in Mallorca since I was here last time 10years ago hehe)
So I woke Helene up so we could go get some food.

Just down the street there is a supermarket so we found a lot of energy drinks, (many new ones that we don´t have in Norway) so I have to try them all, as usual... 3.9euro for a 6pac of SanMig and a bottle of Mallorcan spirit.

After drinking some and leaving the rest in the fridge we went to get some food, after a long walk we found a place where they had chicken satay and chicken filet. Really good!

The nightlife here looks like it closes early.. There are more people sitting at the beach road with a bucket of spirit than inside the bars. So tomorrow I will buy my own bucket :D 

One full bucket ( 1bag of ice + 1litre of vodka+ 1liter of soda + really long straws) is between 12-22euros depending on what kind of spirit you choose.. This is something they should get in Norway also hehe :D

Got some brochures on our way home, so maybe there will be a trip to the aquarium this week to look at the sharks and stuff.. :)

Good night! Clocking off at 3am :)