Thursday, August 9, 2012

I just read a great book! original title: Domain - Norwegian title: Maya testamentet! by Steve Alten

I just finished reading the 462 pages book of exciting Mayan philosophy, old stories about the Stonehenge, about ancient creatures and a mix of "Star Wars like happenings". The book is called: Domainby Steve Alden or as the Norwegian title goes: Maya Testamentet .

The book is about the upcoming of the 21.December.2012 the doomsday according to the Mayan calendar and while the book is mostly SyFy, is still teaches you a lot about the old cultures of the Mayans, and makes you really wonder how they managed to do all the things they did....

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These 3 pyramids are built so they match the Orions Belt on the sky, pretty accurate, and truly amazing precession by the old "Egyptians" that many years ago!
The pyramid is built so accurate that you could not get a knife blade between the rocks its built with...

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Did you know... that the Pyramid of Giza is dated back as long as 10.450 B.C years back. It´s built with 2.300.000 "rocks"  each weighting between 2,5-15tonn.. In the smallest of the 3 pyramids lies, in the middle a "rock" weighting 320tonn, NOW in 2012 we have only 3 cranes that can lift such a weight! How did they do it???
Our mason experts are still stunned on how they could build such a construction at that time.
We can still not build anything like it today!
No wonder some people believe in little green men... Actually, it seams we have more proof by looking back in time that there have been intelligent races on earth before us, than we have proof of a God!
Think about that!  :D 

As I said, after reading this book you will have some questions, and it will trigger your imagination and probably also make you, as me search some more on the topic online :D

Take a look at the book here on Amazon - a really good read and the summer is soon over so why not prepare for the cold and rainy Autumn with a good book :)