Monday, June 18, 2012

How to dowload Android apps for FREE!

Last night I found out how you can download app´s for your Android for FREE!
I have not Rooted or hacked my phone, just downloaded the apps i wanted and installed them as files.
Ill show you how in a sec...

First go to your "Play Shop"  download something called: "Download Manager"
Remember to...  go to: "Settings" - "Apps" - Say YES to unknown 3party downloads.

Go to your "Play Shop" search for the apps that you want...

After, go in your Internet browser: search for "4share" Then you take the .com..
You'll get a browser that looks like a google browser..(almost) then search for the app you like..

But REMEMBER! The Android supports only AKP files, so this are the ones you must download..

I uploaded some apps, and this works! But, GPS Garmin told me it was not valid, but everything else is good.. :D

Ill upgrade this post later with pictures ++ but for now.. :D
Just found out myself and wanted to share it with you!