Saturday, June 16, 2012

Apartment OR Boat?

We had some really nice weather in May, but now it seams to only rain. Maybe the better choice would be investing in a cool boat and call it The Ark... :)
When its sun for four days in a stretch we are told "what a beautiful summer this will be" then comes the rain, and the same people tell us what a shitty summer we can expect... If it continue like this, would it not be easy'er just looking at the sky from time to time since every forecast is wrong?!

I Want  More Sun!!! Rather Now than Later :)

 Looking back at the day at the beach, wich now seams so long ago, I really hope the sun decides do show up with full strength in Norway again soon also, thinking it already have been other places for so long... :D

Wish you all a great summer!

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