Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Every first Monday of the month there is.. wait for it.. SUPERMONDAY!!!

Club Skansen is the #1 choice!
41,- nok for whatever you can get in the bar, and they are open until 03:30 so if your there, your probably drunk :D

I was there to night to meet some friends and take some photos... witch means no drinking for me this time, but there will always be another SuperMonday!

When I got there around 00:15am there was already a full queue outside.
Luckily my friend and former colleague Thomas got me past this :D

So here are my photo´s...

When I got there... 00:15am

<---------- Me

My former colleague Ron, awesome DJ!

Whoop whoop!!! :D

No, she was not puking, just hiding :)

Part of the MangoCrew :D Jennifer and Unni! ...before they left us.. :P

The best hairdresser in town, Rajh (on the left) from Adam & Eva, Arkaden