Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kenneth´s Birthday!

What to wear?!? I know this sound girly, but I have the same problem every time I'm going out... I ask Helene, "Can I wear this" after I have been looking in the closet for 15min on my own. Then Helene goes.. "What, NOOO... Don´t you see that the colours don't mix well??!" And then its back to the closet again hehe
SO, after some tries I have found out its better just to ask Helene to go find something I can wear right from the beginning :D


 My alcohol Checklist for the night:
* Lots of PowerKing for mixing
* 0.5L Vodka
* 1 red wine

The birthday party started off with a BOOM!
So many great people, and soooo much great food! 

The whole night was super, but I think its better explained in pictures :D



After drinking and eating we went downtown to drink some more :D
We were at Bare Ute a short while, but there was little people and freezing. So we wanted to go somewhere warmer and ended up at Dr.Jecyls for some more drinks. Then ofc we went to Club Mango to finish off the night.
With no further problems we got a cab back home and tucked in :) ZZzzZZzZz

But what happened with not showing the usual Kvalen documentary Kenneth?
"Det er bare en mann i hele verden som står over alle andre OG han snakker´u med nå" Jan Kvalen