Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Uhhea?! No breaks!!

Good thing we have something called EU control, that is mandatory every 2year. (testing and checking the car if everything works and so on...)
if not I would probably be in a ditch within weeks ... :D

Cars are not my thing, I drive it like a little angry boy and maintain it like a woman hehe

I fill gas when its empty, and oil once a year (maybe:D

My new friend Ahmed from my working place, Club Mango is really good with cars. He changed my breaks and fixed whatever had to be fixed and got my car through this year´s EU control all in all for a good price!

My right break was running on 0% breaks, metal vs metal... *skkviiikk* every time i used the breaks.. good it was not the gas that was #"%# since this is the pedal I use the most :D

Changed shock absorber on both sides in front last month...
And brand new tires was bought this winter, both summer and winter tires :D

Anyway... its really good to have the car up and running almost at a 100% now. Only thing that need´s to be done next is changing the whole exhaust pipe... but ill wait until next month with this.

And for problems to come.. nah, minor leak in the engine room. But not so big that its needs fixing I was told. So that's good news :D