Sunday, June 3, 2012

Music festivals in Oslo! ...and Cecilia Brækhus Match...

After a hard day drinking yesterday we slept until midday today ZZzZzZzzzZ

Today was Oslo´s Music Festival. Once a year its being put up 36 scenes all over downtown Oslo with different music genre on each, so if you into Hip Hop you can stay at one scene, if your more into Rock another and so on.. There are more than 100 concerts on this day alone!!! The best part..
ITS FREE and its an opportunity for many new up and coming artists to be seen and heard.
(Its a little late now, but if you want to see who played where here´s a link:

So ofc, I took Helene with me and took some pictures :D


...and where there are food, there are flies... damn Gypsy´s...

Then we went home, BBQ and the Boxing Match, Cecilia Brækhus VS Baloguna. Cecilia won OFC, she´s the most awesome female boxer in the world!
The fight of today has not yet been put on youtube, so here´s another fight she had earlier instead :D

Then, of to work again at Club Mango. The day started of quiet because of the Music Festival.
But around 00.15am people started coming, and by 2am we had to close the doors for new guests, it was packed!

Thank you for following my blog! I hope you had a great weekend and a good night! 
Sleep it off on Sunday, cuz Monday is getting closer hehe :D