Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Sommerklubben" at Sollihagen !!!

Earlier this week I was invited to Oslo´s UtelivsEvent´s new club-concept-release of "Sommerklubben" to take pictures for them! (My first BlogInvite :D )

I had never been to Sollihagen before so I had to stop sometimes before I got there asking for directions :D 

As I normally am with almost anything I do, a little late (again) But I got there by 01:15 and the party was at its peak! It was a pleasure to see so many good people in a club all interested in just drinking and having a good time!  

(This actually gave me some new hope in 
nightclub-humanity, as I have been working 8 / EIGHT year´s as a "doorman / bouncer" in Oslo´s various nightclubs and felt I had seen it all)
Dj Ortega and
Carlos Tangento was behind the mixing table and giving us great music until 
the end at 03am! 

Do you want me to take pictures at YOUR event?

Without stalling you any longer with reading... You probably came for the photos :D

Petter Pilgaard was attending "Sommerklubben" Norway´s
#1 male reality celebrity

This was COOL! :D

<--Me      :      Not me---> 
I also found one of my colleagues from Club Mango there 
Almost as sober as I was ;P

 These two owned the dance floor!




I know its a little to blurry, but I had to add it :D

YEAH!!! :D


Wink Wink ;P


 So, when the sun came, I left :D

 Sincerely hope you all got home safe, with or without that special someone :D