Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I´m a .com! :D

Today have been a quiet day, not slept yet since yesterday (must do something with my circadian rhythm, cuz this is exhausting)  Been up helping a friend moving kitchens from 07am-11am - Shakes, RedBull and Super Charged and I'm ready to go :D

Gotten really good response on my last blog post from Skansen yesterday! More than 250 entries on one day... That's whats really makes this fun :D Hope some of you found yourselves in the pictures.


Been invited to Sollihagen tomorrow by a former colleague of mine, Mathias Relling from Oslo UtelivsEvent to take some more pictures there! He´s projects have been known to amaze before, so I guess this will be 
no different! :D
So for you who will be there, put on a smile cuz you'll never know when I'm there taking your photo!!! ;P

BTW:  for thoose of you who yet have not seen my online bookstore... 
see my recomended books here :D

Getting online shouldn't be tough. $7.99 .COMs

WorkingSocialy has become a .com