Tuesday, June 19, 2012

12 Android Apps you must have!

My TOP 12 apps to have for an Android device:

On the move and don´t have your laptop with you... but still having the urge to check for messages etc.. Great app!

I use this app / program  for making blog articles that I want to post on a later occation.. Remember passwords, Internet pages I want to remember and read later... ( you can copy the whole page ) or just remember things as you go, on vacation..?!

Gmail / Hotmail
Always good to be up to date with your mail, checking your mail  with these apps are simple!

Skype / Whats up  / Viber
Skype is the best FREE calling program I know of so far... it lets you call for free to anyone with the same program all over the world as long as they have internet.

The competition, Whats up lets you do the same and so do Viber. But I still think Skype is the most evolved of the 3.. Try them out and tell me what you think!

Whats up also have group chat and Push Notifications...
Viber uses your existing phonebook...


Easily lets you pay over the Internet with a secure account! This is a must have for Internet shopper´s

Not sure about something? Need a reference? or just interested in learning something new.. ?! Wikipedia got it all

This is a app I recently discovered... A FREE navigation app, which lets you interact  with other drivers.. You can set your mood, get live updates from other drivers in your area on the traffic, updated roads, updated cameras and if there is an accident and some other driver with this app reports it.. you ll know! 

This app gives you the "news feed" that YOU want to read.. may it be sports, art, crime etc.. Really good too for finding interesting articles as well...

If you like to make creative frames, put more than one picture in one frame and easy post it on Twitter, Facebook, Blog etc, then you ´ll like this as much as me :)

With IMDB you can get reviews for movies (that are and will come)
Its a people to people "forum" where everyone can write!

I don´t use this very much atm, but a very handy app / tool for when your not on the same computer all the time and still want to use the same files. On vacation etc...

If you have not tried Songify  you should...
This app lets you talk (record) a message or whatever.. and makes it into a song.. Not so handy, but fun!