Thursday, June 14, 2012

Up close, with my new HTC Sensation XL

After having my old phone for more than 2 years now, I finally bought a new!
For me, buying a new phone is big, because this is not something i do often. When i find something i like, i don't change it until its broken :D
bye bye Sony Ericsson w995... HELLO, HTC Sensation XL!!!

After a lot of back and fourth a friend of mine told me that I would not regret buying this one! AND I don´t! :D

My criteria was: I must be able to call with it.. Send SMS´s and more important than all (almost) it must take good pictures... because I use the photo camera a lot! 
Some say, even to much :D 

A night after work, the last weekend sometime I was bored so i went out to take some photos with my brand new phone, and this are the results...
Hope you´ll like it!

If your a photo-pro or have any good ways of taking better photos, please let me know. Always good to be getting better :D
PS! watch the whole post, I filmed as well!

 A movie I shot with my HTC

A movie I shot with my HTC