Friday, June 1, 2012

My great collegues at Club Mango

I have to admit, the staff at Club Mango are the greatest...
Its like a little family, this makes it easy to get to work, even on slow days.

There have been some changes with the staff  lately, and the ones that have left us, you are missed!

And to the rest... hang in there hehe :)
Now I'm  crossing my fingers for better weather so that we again can take the boat out to Langøya for more BBQ and tanning :D
(this time I hope more will join)

What is the date for the next Drunken Bowling ??? :P

Pictures from yesterday´s Salsa / Latino party !!
Every Thursday there is a Salsa concept at Club Mango from -


 But today was special; Kari Jaquesson was shooting a series at Club Mango about a first time salsa dancer.
So the first 50min at work I THINK I might have gotten on tape somewhere in between them walking by :D TvNorge...

Wish you all the best, have a great weekend!