Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rhodos - Awake more than 24hours - then we go out drinking... Day.1

I forgot to introduce my fellow travelers to ya´ll... 

Fabio, The Bartender from Portugal/England/Narvik(Norway) and now Oslo!
Hes a winning person and i´m sure he will be a fun addition to our traveling group :D
Thomas is a person I have known for many years, without really knowing him good. He has been a colleague in the Door for many years so I know he´s a party person. Think he really will love Rhodos! 
We have been working together at Club Mango for about 6months now.
Christian, I don´t know him at all, but we have met twice before the trip and he seams like a happy, laidback guy who´s ready for a vacation in warmer areas!

Names as following in introduction
Well we landed safely, found our bus to the hotel and after 3.5 hours of waiting... we got our rooms. 
2 rooms with 2 beds in each and the rooms where next to each other and had a sea view!
The vacation started off a little bad when we got to the hotel and the rooms where not done yet, we had just been up more than 24 hours, working, traveling and wanted to find the bed... Instead we had to wait... but at least we got to see how the area around us looked like... The Hotel is built in the middle of nowhere... and when StarTur says its only 5min to the city.. they don´t mean Rhodos City... They meant Ixia... and that´s really not where anything happens...

Our radio in the hotel room...
We where lucky also.. cuz the cousin of the owner (Mike, the Greek Australian) started talking to us outside the Hotel and offers to drive us to a great restaurant to get something to eat. Antonios Taverna was the name of the place, and its recommended! We found out that Suvlaki is good, and so is anything with Zatziki on it :D
It really helped lighten the mood and filled our belly´s.
Before he drove off he told us that it would only be 5min walk back to the hotel... I don´t know what kind of shoes this man has because we used almost 30min to get back following the beach.

When we got back the rooms where ready and since we where kept waiting the staff gave us nice rooms with sea view! Great to wake up to by the way!

The pool - and the bar that was empty every night....
Then after a little pillow time we ringed for a taxi and went to explore Rhodos BarStreet for the first time.
We where all ready for a quiet night, just looking to see how the nightlife here really is and to see and hear where to go and what to do.
But this obviously didn´t go as planned... we met our friend and BarManager at Tokyo nightclub in the middle of the BarStreet, Rhodos! And before we knew we where all drinking shots, and gulped down 2 bottles of Vodka! Got to talk to a lot of people and for the first time in a long time, get really drunk - but not in the crawling around the pavement puking kind of drunk - just the happy dancing and "oh shit this country is hot" kinda drunk hehe :D

Christian, Fabio, Thomas and me :D
We ate some late night Gyros, found a taxi, got home around 7:30 in the morning ready for the bed...