Friday, August 31, 2012

I forgot to tell you! I caught a burglar in action the other day! :D

One night just about a month ago...
I was just finished from work (I work night´s) so my colleague asked me if I wanted to eat something on my way home. So we stopped at he´s place and he dished up a really good breakfast with egg´s and everything. Sitting on the balcony in the 4th floor we looked down when there came 2 suspicious guys walking by. The time now was around 5:45am. They where talking about a balcony and some bikes, so we kept watching them for a little while...

And so, when they was sure nobody was looking, one of them climbed up on the balcony on the building next to my friends. Then he started checking all the door´s until he found one that was not locked, then he went in.. 
That´s when my friend asked the question I was waiting for... ;
"Should we take him?"
and I was like:
"Yeah, sure why not! "

I took the picture and then we ran down all the stairs in he´s building and snuck close to the other building before we ran out and tried to get them.

One, strange enough, the fat one got away :D
But the one who was still in the balcony had a problem escaping... so we caught him and after a short struggle got him on the ground and called the police. (witch I'm a little sorry we did since they where close to let him go afterwards...)

Then after some time and a lot of running up and down the streets to get the police cars to get to the right place they came... Not only one car, but 4 cars :D Dog´s and everything!!!

The young police officer climbed up on the balcony of the poor woman who had just been waked up by a guy standing in her living room. And inn he went... "Hello, anyone here!!??? "
Of course the woman was terrified and screamed, "Who are you, get out!"
First then, the man told her that he was police :D

And in fear the woman told the police that nobody had been inside her apartment...

When the policeman came down again he said "We might let the man go, since he has not yet committed a crime. The man has not been breaking in, since the door was already open, and the woman that lives there says the man was not inside her apartment either."

I was all the time thinking, (Why did we call the police, of course this would happen... Why did you not just make sure the guys finger´s broke so there would be some time until he could steal again.. )

Luckily an older policeman came and saw the situation for what it was and told us that they would take the burglar inn for attempting to break inn!

Hopefully we got some Karma Points this day! :D

Then we went back to our breakfast that was now cold, but still good. Had some laughs, then I went home happy and tired to sleep :D

Nobody else helped, even there where neighbours standing on their balcony´s.. What if it was YOU?!? :D