Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My birthday - part 2 :D

After waking up really late today.. around 4.pm I got up and looked out the window.
As I was hoping.. It was clear blue sky and sun! Perfect, looks like I have been good this year :D

So I took Sketch (Our dog) out in the garden and sat there for about an hour before Helen got home, it was great! When Helene got home i got a BIG birthday kiss and a birthday gift! Its was really nice!  I got a belt, witch i needed since I don´t have many of those... Tiger Of Sweeden :D

Gift from Helene! A new belt form Tiger Of Sweeden!
After a shower I was ready to go. We had to take a quick drive up to Helene´s brother Hans with Sketch since we where going to dinner and he has not been alone that long before yet.

My real beauty - Helene :)
Really good spring rolls and crab cake! mMmmmMMmMMmmm...
Helene eating Crispy Duck - yummy!
Crispy Duck! Really good!

Just after the dinner, while still in the restaurant Helene gave me another birthday gift! I was stunned... What, another one?? Then I opened it, WOW! A really classy watch! Gant, with leather strap. WOW!!!

My new Gant watch!
New watch!
Mr.Bay chocolate

Outside Mr.Bay - looks nice huh?!
Art outside Mr.Bay

The night is coming so its about time to head home :)

I´m really happy with the way my birthday turned out! Had a great time and eat really good food :D
Looking forward to celebrate my day with friends next saturday!