Saturday, August 11, 2012

Off to work, then straight to the Airport after - Rhodos!

My day started as a normal day, except I was packing for a vacation to Rhodos, Greece!
I´m usually a light packer but this time I packed a little more than usual. I´m guessing ill be glad later!
When on my trip to Thailand earlier I only packed a handbag with toothbrush and a couple of boxers for the first days.. The rest I bought there.. 

But i´m guessing Greece is not as cheap as Thailand. And after my vacation with my girlfriend to Mallorca i´m hoping to not shop anymore at all hehe...

So the suitcase is ready, 1 shirt, enough boxers for a week and some extra, t-shirts, swimming shorts, shorts, socks and sunscreen (20) :D

Then after kissing my girlfriend goodbye for a week I went off to my last shift at work before the vacation could begin. Was picked up at ÅpenBar at AkerBrygge by my traveling companions."Luckily" they took a beer at the place I worked at so I had to drive to the Airport after work, and don´t drink..  hehe :D

Waiting for the airplane to arrive now - looking forward to getting to Greece, eating Gyros, drinking, dancing, and having fun with friends :D

Yeah! - We also have a former colleague working as a Bar Manager in Rhodos, in the middle of BarStreet at a place called Tokyo. Will be fun seeing him again also! Lallish here we come :D

BTW.. the time is 1 hour early there so, ill probably be up late and sleep inn every day haha :D