Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To day I watched The Expendables 2!

...and fell asleep at the cinema :D

After my vacation I have been so tired that I have slept almost 2 days straight... 
So, around 30min before the movie started at the cinema I figured out I wanted to do something, and a movie is always welcome :D

Up to "Symra" (the cinema closest to my house) I went, bought tickets and got in just when the commercials was finished and the movie started. I was alone and it felt good! Nobody talking and nobody was wrestling for the elbowleaners. GREAT start :D

The movie started off good, a little like the start of a Rambo movie. There is lots of action in this movie and cool effects. If you, as I like to see people get their heads splattered of their neck caused by a 12,5 bullet then this is a movie for you as well :D

a job well done!
all alone :D
And yeah, I fell asleep at the final scene, the big fighting scene.. must have been tired cuz I really like fighting scenes hehe :D