Monday, August 27, 2012

The day is here.. im 28.. uah... :(

As the years go by, you get new friends, loose old friends, find a job you like, quit a job u eventually hate, get some experience and sometimes you see things different than you would before.. they call it growing up!
I´m just glad i´m a man, since they say we age good, (like wine) so I hope the rumor is true :D
But still, the years are flying and before I know it I'm turning 30 and the way I see it, then I'm getting on my way to getting old... and should have gotten my life straight before then.. so I have some time, but not much to work on my life and get all the foundations placed right.
But for this week, ill keep up the work on feeling like I´m 18 and just have fun :D

Since my birthday this year falls on a Monday - ill celebrate it with friends next Saturday. Really hoping a lot will show up and we will get happy and "tipsy" together :D

Going out at Bar Tjuvholmen this Saturday! Not been there before, but heard its really good :D
  This summer has treated me really great! 
The year started with a 1 month trip to both Philippines and Thailand where I was with my girlfriend and another couple + our friend Kenneth! It was a great start of the year. We even celebrated the new years eave in Thailand Pattaya, watching the fireworks from Beergarden hehe... amazing view and even more amazing PinaColada´s :D

Then this summer my girlfriend and I went to Spain, Mallorca for a week vacation. She really needed it after working a lot this year. And I´m always up for a vacation :) We had a blast in the sun!

Two weeks later I´m on a plane to Greece, Rhodos with friends - more sun, drinking and fun! Even tried water sports there, really fun hanging after a speedboat on just a plastic mat :D

And there are still 4 months left of the year!!! :D

...the thought about getting older is not that pleasant, but the thing about learning more is.. so this year ill hit the books and try to learn something new. And also trying to find a profession that I like, so far I´m schooled in design and marketing, but to work with it I feel I should get a fast wake up course first. Or just find something really different, like the police, salesman or what I really want to do.. making my own web-shop and live where ever and work whenever :D