Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking Bad - The new S5

This is really one of my favorite series at the moment!
It has it all, violence, drama, mind games, crime and friendship. Breaking Bad!
The way the story shifts focus on the characters, but at the same time stays on their path to
riches and prosperity is really cool.. 
Walt is a man that have been looked down on to long, and now he´s kicking back :D

He started out as a burnt out teacher who needed more cash to support he´s family after he´s death. Walt was prognosed with cancer and wanted to be able to support he´s kids thru collage and give them the best life he could give them even after he´s death.. He met a former student who was always getting into trubles and knew the "right" people to get Walts drug business going. From there the series has just gotten better! 

If your new to this series, I would advise you to see it!

In this fifth season(and I think last) of the series Breaking Bad Walt starts he´s own drug empire after the late Boss got killed.. by non other than Walt himself :D

I found them all on Amazon for you if your interested in looking into the series!

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