Monday, August 13, 2012

Not feeling soo good.. pool and drinking.. :D Day.2

I woke up around with a stomack that clearly told me it was not used to drink 2 bottles of vodka in a night.. So I slept a little longer... Around my friend Fabio came in with a youghurt, that helped!

So we all went down to the pool to chill, eat and relax for some hours before the storm comes again and rippes us with it all the way to the BarStreet all over...

But first.. We all found out I had not packed and fancy shorts (I had only basketshorst and swimming shorts) to go out drinking with. So we took a taxi to Rhodos City to find a place to shop.. After a long walk and lots of windowshopping we found a store I had never heard of before, Pull&Bear. There i found two shorts.. Not my typical shorts, since I like them a little i wide and these where tight, luckyli they widend out later.. but they where cool and my friends convinced me that I would not look like a "Party Sweed" in them so i bought it.. :)

On our way to Rhodos City we had a taxi driver who "just had to get hes Ipad really far away but he would show us a GREAT view!"
This is the best picture we got from the view he bragged about... in speed and out of the window! Cuz he had no plans on stopping, just SHOWING us THE VIEW (getting hes shit at home and don´t getting us mad)

Then it was the same round all over as yesterday... BarStreet!!

Fire on the bar! Trick by Lalish :D
Fabio walking on the bar :D
The PLACE! :) Bar Tokyo

Tomorrow we´r planing on renting Scooters! That will be fun! :D