Thursday, September 6, 2012

YOLO ! As seen on Facebook, you know the meaning?!

The new term "YOLO" came from the artist Drake! The song; “The Motto” featuring Lil Wayne. The song appeared on Drake’s album “Take Care,” which was released Nov. 15, 2011.
Now the phrase has now been blown out of proportions. And it means....ta ta ta... "You Only Live Once"
People have turned YOLO into a word now, witch is used a lot in especially social media. The social media have for many years now opened doors for evolving language to whats called; Urban.

These short "sentences" / acronym have been many. I believe in some way Urge (the soda) was a kick starter in this (not the only one, but one of the first) with making acronym´s to make whole sentences. If your around my age.. (feel old when saying this) you'll probably remember the backsides of the Urge labels. 

Later it has been many more, like
LMFAO the famous band with the songs: " Party rock anthem " or the coolest of them all :D  " Sexy and I know it "

or just what we used to use on MSN way back...?!
BRB: Be right back

TTYL: Talk to you later
LOL: Laughing out loud
BTW: By the way

Even tho there really is something to the "sentence" - "You only live once" think about what your doing, since.. there might be a tomorrow ;D