Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One night at my cabin, loving it!

The "ness" of it all... The quietness, the calmness and the I'm really loving being on my cabin having
peace and no stress and noise´ness :D

Yesterday I found out I needed a little space from the world and really where missing the one place I could get it!
So I took a 1.5 hour drive, witch this time took me around 3 hours instead since I found so many nice places on my way up here to take photos, walking Sketch and just enjoying the sun.

 Stopped in Kongsberg to take a little walk with Sketch. Its really beautifull here!
I love the waterfall and have wanted to take a picture of it for a long time... next time ill do it hehe :D
BTW! Konhgsberg means The Kings Mountain! One of the reasons why the Old King wanted this mountain was that it was full off silver back in the days... The Silvermines there now only offer turist trips and if im not mistaken, you can also host a banquet there, deep down in the mountain! Pretty cool :D

On the road up to my cabin there is a cave, an old mine actually.
But that's what everyone else thinks, but I know better... Ill share it with you!
When my sister and I was little our parents told us the secret about this cave.
So that even today when I drive past it, it makes me smile!
This is where Santa lives! And every Christmas he have all the small elves put the Christmas gifts on the sled and he rides away to give it to all the good children :D

 This is my first time ever looking inside...

And this old house! 
My grandmother told me it was an old school many years ago when she was a young girl. 
This school did only have 11 or 13 students and I think I know why, its in the middle of nowhere!

When i finally got up here, I drove right by and continued up to the top of the mountain. 
               There is an old ski shop / cafe / parking area where er started our tour for 1.5 hour into the forest.
Parked the car and started walking with Sketch. The trail was wet and I had been smart enough to only wear 
sneakers so I got wet :D But most of the trail there where put out "bridges" so we just followed them and got out of the roughest parts. Sketch is really being a champion! 

He´s a small dog, but I don't think he knows that! 

He´s jumping through the muddy parts and almost swimming where there is an obstacle he must cross. Its so fun watching him! Its like don't tell me what I cant do... Ill do it anyways! :D

As a colleague of me said in a picture I posted on facebook;
"Its really nice to see a miniature dog being treated like a dog, and not just hanging on the arm and wearing a bling"
 I really liked hearing that, felt like I was doing something right!

And I am really trying! Reading lots of books, watched everything on dogs on YouTube soon.
I think and all the time trying to give Sketch a good life! Both me and my girlfriend are doing this of course!

When we got back to the car we where both tired and had had a great walk, jumping over puddles, taking pictures and enjoying the calm and empty trail.

 Sketch´s footprint in the mud :D

Then we rode down to the parking area some hundred meters from my cabin and started walking. Looking forward to making some dinner...
Eating a pizzaand watching a serieswhile relaxing in front of the fireplace!

Found a series I had not seen before but a friend recommended it to me, and it was just my kind of series! Suitis the name, and now I'm recommending it to you!
 (If you like series like;
 Lie to Me
The Mentalist
White Collar
and such, I'm guessing its in your interest to watch it also ) :D

One of the best things I look forward to when going to my cabin is my bed! Its big, soft and really comfortable and since the mountain air makes you wanting to go to sleep early and wake up feeling good. I did :D

Pictures from our first day!
Posting this in two posts since I have so many pictures that the browser goes a little slow...
So this is part 1... read also Part 2 :D