Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Entrepreneur course, the beginning...

Day one on the entrepreneur course is over and it went over all expectations!
It started with a Coach named Hilde from Moril - talking with us about the up´s and down´s in running your own business - Then we used the day to shortly present each other after a brief talk, then tell the rest of the group what we have planed for ourselves, and how far we are down the road on Business Strategy and so on.

Some where just starting and some already had most of it figured out already and only needed a little pushing.

I´m in the first category and am not yet ready. But I have started so I'm getting there :D
Got some good feedback from the coach and looking forward to getting more and learn more! I'm excited!

So now I only need to:
  1. do more research, 
  2. fill out more of the business plan, 
  3. find someone who are great at making web pages and design who can work project based, low cost.
  4. get a web page for my own company up and running 
  5. and then get into the marketing :D
    As you can see, there are something that needs to get done.

The course last 10 weeks so I still got some time to get there... fun fun fun :D