Friday, October 5, 2012

Making a business strategy within a week

Business strategy and finding a business idea in a week!

I have until next Thursday writing a strategy for a business that yet not exist...
Have been thinking of starting a webshop for many years, I have also been 
thinking about starting a small designer team to make websites.
I´m going for an international business. Business plan needed :)

After reading Tim Ferris book on The4HourWorkWeek really wanted to make some niche business online that
can earn me a little extra. But the problem is WHAT? I have been through so many ideas that I have no idea :(

Next week I'm attending a course in all I should need to know to be an entrepreneur - on how to make a company and how to keep it alive and running... I´m really looking forward to it - but to get it I have to have a business Idea written down within a week.. and I don´t have a clue..

Anyone how have some supporting and helpful tips?!

Business plan, business strategy, swot, ideas and help are greatly appreciated :)