Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Puppy names - What will you name your pets ?

One of the things we must consider 
before we buy a new pet is the pets name.
Since the pet will live with you for a long time its
smart to have a name for it that you like!

When we got our first pet we did little research on names, and I don´t regret it so far since
I'm quite happy with the name we gave our little MiniDoodle.
We chose to name our puppy Sketch. He is the first member of our little "family" and therefor he is somewhat a Sketch. We got our MiniDoodle when he was only 8 weeks old, and we have seen him grow into a little bigger, but still a small dog. Our puppy is  5 months and the more we play with him the more fun does he get to be around.

But we where not supposed to talk about my puppy in this article... 

Sketch chewing on a pacifier :D

To select a pets name you should have a name that you feel comfortable using for many years to come. Don´t just name your dog Facebook or YOLO because its whats hot today. It´s a little like taking a tattoo, you want to be happy with it for a long time.
You don´t want to be a shamed when calling your pet its name out on the street or in the dog park.

To easier call your dogs name you should use dog names with "z" "s" or "r" in it. Let it roll on your tongue... 

Tazz - Mitzy - Zolo - Zorro - Zena - Zahirah - Ziyan

It gives a snap to the puppy´s name witch will make it easier for the dog to hear it! 
The dog is a part og your family and you care for it, therefore when your naming your pet it's similar to naming a child, in that you want a name that will promote their social well-being - you want them to fit in, while also being unique in their own right. The unique´ness in the name will make it easier to call your pet when in groups of other dogs that have more common names (maybe there is 3 dogs names Toby in the group)

We are expecting a new puppy into our household in only a month. This time a  RiesenSchnauzer or a Giant Schnauzer if you will. So the two dogs can keep each other company while we are at work or at the gym.
We are thinking about the name Terra - as in Earth. Or the more round spoken name, Luna - as in Moon

Did you know! Dog´s can probably see in light five times
dimmer than a human can see in.

There are lists of names to find here are some links to sites I have been looking at while searching for pet names.

If your interested in reading about animals in general give this link a try...

Well, if you have any questions about having a MiniDoodle, feel free comment!
I hope this helped you finding a name for you pets. Puppy names stick with the dog for the rest of its life so make sure to choose the right name for your dog!