Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elli´s birthday bowling!

What a great day, slept loong until 3pm, then off to IKEA to buy a bookshelf that my girlfriend ment that we needed :D

Then at 7pm I went to my "old" colleagues birthday party! Bowling was cool, event though i felt it had been some time since last time i played... 

But! This time the walls, roof and scoreboards where just as whole when we left as when we  got there, this does not happen every time :D Without mentioning any names here, we all know who it is... hehe

Any how, fun birthday party and it looked like Elli had a good time, which was most important!
I think we where around 15 persons celebrating her to day!

Since I had to go working at ÅpenBar at 11pm I had to go early.. (10:30pm) to get to work in time, but I still got some fun pictures for you guys :D

 Elli and her giant gift hehe :D
 That's an Instagram :D Strike a pose!
 The winner takes it all :D
 Great balls of fire.. (or something like that....)

 NO! Your not getting bald :D
 Tran kicking ass!
 Me, in a new position :D
 Me, happy :D
 Hio going for the win!
 Weee :)

 Prepair yourself, helmets, hide and let Line do her thaaang! The person with we wont mention the name.. 
is guilty of plenty bowling damage :D :P
 The ones that can stand where most don't :P
Head in the balls?!

There was a lot of nice people at Åpen Bar tonight! And at the place was almost full and the music was pumping! Great night out! Looking forward to next weekend!


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