Wednesday, October 3, 2012

24 hours at my cabin! Part 2

We walk, we eat, we relax and we sleep –
what better way to get back home refreched after
a 24hour break from reallity...

Wake up once around 10 to let Sketch out doing he´s thing.
Then we went back to sleep for another 4 hours!
Waking up feeling great, refeched and ready to take on the world!

Sketch got some food, I made me some breakfast 
( Yes I know its called LATE lunch at this time for all of you normal people) :D
Nothing beats eggs and beacon! So thats the menu!

Sketch all ready to walk, but waiting for me to finish breakfast! Reflex-jacket on! :D

Then at we went out for another lovely walk. But not the same rout this time. This time I chose an old road not far from our cabin to walk on. 1.5 ours we walked, practised on "come", "Stay" and "heel".
But most of the time we just walked, and it felt great!

I got through the whole Tim Ferris tape I had on my phone and on our way back I just listened to
the forest and the wind ( I know this sounds a little hippie and tree hugger.. but still, it felt good) :D

There is some sand dunes on this road so I played with Sketch in them, and he loved it!
Got to run up and down in the sand, digging and having fun!
It makes me happy watching him having fun!

Its to cold for swimming, but Sketch liked to watch the water :D

Even the birds love our cabin :D

Sketch is totally dead after the hike today! Ill take that as a good sigh :D
When we got back to the cabin I started the grill and put on some salmon, chicken-bbq and hot dogs on. Eating outside in the sun watching the water and the fish jumping :D

Then the booring part, doing the dishes, cleaning up, closing the curtains and th windows.
Making sure the stove is off and the fireplace is safe to leave... all done and its all good!

Thank you for this time cabin!
Im planing on coming back next week :D

On our way home, driving slow and carefully. there are lots of amimals here and I don´t want to bring one with me :D
Saw a Fox on my way home!