Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sons Of Anarchy, Season 5 is finally out!! :D

Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 - 2012
I´v been waiting for this and it feels like forever :D
I really enjoyed the other seasons of Sons of anarchy and i´m confident this season will be just as good as the other four have been!

If you still have not seen any of the episodes of Sons of anarchy ( SOA ) then you have lots of TV time to catch up on! If you liked The Sopranos?! Then you will defiantly love the Sons Of Anarchy! It is kind of the same theme,
but on bikes :D

The series is ( Crime / Drama / Action ) about The Sons Of Anarchy, a outlaw biker gang who run their operation from America with ties to Ireland and other chapters around the world. They are into drugs, guns and violence! Its a GREAT watch :D
The story more or less evolves around a city with the name of Charming. This is where the Sons Of Anarchy have their foot inn. Where their auto shop is located. 
So far the community of Charming have let a lot of the club's business go, since they have been holding other criminal activities outside the city and in that way "protected" Charming. But the heat is rising and there are problems stirring both outside the club and inside the brotherhood. Other gangs are closing inn and the problems follow... At the same time the Police and FBI is building up Rico-cases around the club and its members..

The new leader of the pack is played by:  Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and he´s doing a really good job with it. He has a bikers personality here. Other members of the MC club is:
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