Thursday, September 27, 2012

A healthy shake !

Today I started my morning with a good, healthy, and easy to make Shake !

Kickstart you morning or workout with a healthy breakfast / brunch Shake :D

What you need is: (I'm guessing you have a blender )

2 kiwi´s
1 banana
2 tablespoons of natural Yogurt
about a DL of milk
1 whole egg
You can also add strawberry's frozen if you like it slushy :)

 Use a knife to peal of the skin of the Kiwi
 Cut a banana
 Add some yogurt
 Like this! Your on your way now to a healthy and easy to make snack!
 Add 1 egg ( calories and protein for your most important meal of the day )

 Remember to put the Blender -lid 100% on so you don´t get covered in it :D
 Then Blender !!! :D
Then you will hopefully have something looking like this!
Just pour it over in a easy to drink container and have a good morning! :D

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This healthy breakfast will give you a great start of the day. Enjoy my good, healthy, and easy to make Shake! Your first step to how to be healthy

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